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10 reasons why you'd want to switch to TOPIKS

Topiks is an unbiased social platform. Our aim is to provide an equality-centric, hate-free, equal-opportunity platform for everyone's content to gain as much exposure as would a top influencer. We strictly moderate against hate speech, racism, bullying, and inequality. Here are 10 reasons why you'd want to switch to Topiks:

  1. You're tired of the bias in current social media platforms
  2. You're tired of poor content moderation
  3. Done with influencers who bought their status and algorithms that have already picked the winners.
  4. You care about your privacy and don't want your data to be sold or shared without your knowledge
  5. Tired of seeing 60000 ads when you scroll through your feed
  6. Don't seem to be able to get your contents seen
  7. You use 30000 hashtags, yet the "algorithm" still doesn't get your post on top
  8. Want a strict moderation for hate-speech, racism, bulleying and inequality
  9. Done with the anxiety of counting likes
  10. If you made it here then it's all yours, download and enjoy!!!