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Story Time

Topiks started by us, a group of coffee-addicts (Starbucks) millennials in a small apartment in LA back in 2018. At the time, our mission was to rebel against the "algorithm" and build a bias-free, equal opportunity social media platform. Somehow, we got caught up with the crazy life in LA and fast forward two years, we had the epiphany that Topiks is as relevant as it gets and we outta finish it and give it to the world.

About 4 months filled with sleepless nights, we made the first AppStore version. It was like a dream to release this beast. Now, we're working Android version since, due to the complexity of the app, it's still in super early versions but we're getting there.

All that doesn't matter as much as you finding TOPIKS a useful social platform to create amazing topics and chat about em.