Retrogram (formerly Topiks) brings back the original look & feel of social media

✨   You get all the features you're familiar with minus the bloating in current social media

✨   Create public and private groups and moderate each

✨   Use a set of creative tools to edit your photos and videos before posting

✨   You get full control over what you see & who sees your posts

✨   We don’t sell, track, or share your data with third-party entities


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Social Groups

We've created a proprietary algorithm to give you full control over what your see and who you want to see your posts. No clutter, suggested posts or spammy people. Just pure contents of your interests.


Why Retrogram?

If you're tired of every social media being a TicToc clone and want the original social media look and feel back minus the negativity, then Retrogram is 10000% for you.



Privacy has become more important than ever. Retrogram promises full security over your data and we DO NOT sell or share your information with any third party no matter what.


Current social networks clutter your feed with suggested posts, spammy people, and an insane number of ads to where you can't even use the platform. Retrogram solves this by ensuring that your feed contains only contents you're interested in.


So many great people got hurt emotionally by the poor moderation from big tech. Our mission is to stop that through strict moderation against hate speech, bullying, racism, and inappropriate content.


If you're not a celebrity or "influencer", chances are your posts won't make it to the top or reach as many people as they should. We solve that problem by our fair distribution algorithm that does not favor celebs or influencers and gives equal opportunity to everyone to get the exposure they deserve.

Our Story

Retrogram was started by us, a group of coffee addicts (Starbucks) millennials in a small apartment in LA back in 2018. At the time, we noticed how every social media platform has turned into a clone of each other. We set out on a mission to build a platform that is based on love and to preserve the original look & feel of social media. Somehow, we got caught up with the crazy life in LA. Fast forward two years, we had the epiphany that Retrogram is as relevant as it gets and we outta finish it and give it to the world. About 4 months filled with sleepless nights, we made the first AppStore version. We still have those sleepless nights, but in excitement towards making Retrogram deliver the promise to our users. Retrogram is now available for both iOS and Android. We truly hope that you make Retrogram your goto-platform to share your content and get the exposure you deserve.


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